Collection Of Trophies That I Won Over Myself_Eliška Konečná Michael Nosek
13.2-20.3 20120 Galerie SPZ 

“Apparently if we don’t know the limits of what we’re describing, if we don’t know how many things we’re actually talking about, and we assume that if there aren’t infinite quantities of them, then their number is quite certain to reach astronomical levels, or if we can’t define the essence of something so that we could talk about it and explain it in an acceptable way, we list the characteristics of the thing in question…
Poor Scott”
Scott is our dog.
We approached the installation as two series of lists, one belonging to Michael and one to me. They’re arranged chronologically from first to last.
We thought about how we could represent the object of our interest, something we’ve needed to do so much that we’ve interpreted it a million times.
One evening I asked Michael what his masks meant to him. He said: they’re trophies that I won over myself.
In this text I’d like to use excellent metaphors and lots of words from other languages, but I think a text has to be comprehensible, and for it to be so I have to write about what I know, what I understand or what I’ve decided to accept.
But if I need to tell someone there’s something wrong with the world, how can I do so if we don’t speak the same language? And any subjective language is a foreign language for another person speaking their own subjective language. So before I start talking about what we should do, shouldn’t I first try to establish a connection? And before doing that, shouldn’t I put my own house in order?

Folie à Deux
6.-27.8 PRÁM 2019